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The Rock Fan idea was first thought of in the south where high humidity and high temperatures are always extreme in spring, summer and fall.  Being  general contractors we decided to get patents and to take on assembly of the product looking for a housing that was a natural as you can get and hold up to commercial enviroments that the product would be subjected to.  After spending years of training, researching and testing we finally have the best looking artificial rock available.  "The Rock Fan" housing is know made in our facility in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and is all made in house by hand. The best materials, products and quality control are used in every single product we manfacture.

"The Rock Fan" is leading our company into other opportunities with the manufacturing process we use and we are always in research and development with new products and processes.  We have been trained by many people in the artificial rock business and have been studying every aspect of artificial rock for over 12 years.  Recently we opened a new end of the business that can assist other manufacturers with other products if needed with our manufacturing capabilities.  We are also available to train a company looking to bring in house manufacturing to their facility.  If you have an idea and are looking for a company to make some prototypes or need help, we are always open to looking or helping with new products.

Utility Patented and Foreign Patents Pending
Hidden Outdoor Misting Fans for the Ultimate in Outdoor Cooling by "The Rock Fan"